Hi, I'm Jay!

Cuisine: I post vegetarian or vegan food - sometimes gluten free, too.  I think the plant based diet is awesome, but some of the veggie/vegan food I've tasted is unfit for human consumption.  I started this blog to present delicious food - vegan doesn't have to mean tasteless, or nasty-flavour!

Garden: To get the best produce for veggie cooking, I grow as much of it as I can.  I'm both an organic and modern farmer. I believe that organic is best, but will occasionally use modern, non-organic, soil amendments to help the plants along.

Coffee: I LOVE coffee - you'll see posts from time to time.  Natural processed Ethiopian coffee is my favourite, but I'm always looking for unique beans.

Couture: This blog used to focus on clothing design, but I'm going to devote more time to cooking.  The older work is still on the site, but will eventually transition to another platform.

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All information and photos here here are generated by myself unless otherwise indicated.  Feel free to be inspired, however, all content is copyrighted.

You'll find I use primarily English, but French and German are splashed throughout.  If that bums you out: http://translate.google.com

If you need to send me a message: j@jlamode.com (In addition to all the things I do and post here, I have a real job. So, I may not always get to respond, but I'll do my best).

If you have a complaint, you'll need to work with my complaints officer Helen Wate.  Yes, if all you want to do is complain, you can go to Helen Wate.


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