Here's some things that people have wondered about:

What sort of camera do you use for your photos? Generally I use a Canon Rebel.  Plating food or staging a model has a lot to do with the photo.  Lighting, however, makes the difference between a snapshot or portrait.


What's your creative process? Taste, texture and appearance guide the creative process.  That said, most often my cooking originates from the ingredients I have available.  I do browse cookbooks for inspiration, and think recipes are good for basic guidance and consistency.

How often do you post new things to the blog? I'm planning on posting at least once every week.  If I'm really inspired, I'll post some extra things, including book and/or product reviews.

Do you make money with this site? I'm a member of the Amazon Affiliates program.

Didn't you make clothes and post them here? Yes, but I'll be moving that content to a different platform, leaving this site dedicated to cooking. What machines do you use to fabricate your clothes? I use a variety:  For general fabrication, finishing and embroidering I use two different Brother machines: Brother SE400 For edge finishing and fabrication I use a Brother serger: Brother 1034D For tailoring or more unique things I use a blindstitcher.