This is nearly more of a cake than a bread; heavy on the sugar and eggs.

I'm often asked about the recipe, but I merely mix things together until it seems right.  That said, here's some basic guidance:

Follow the typical bread ingredients: Flour, water, sugar, salt, yeast and some sort of fat.  Again, add more sugar than normal, and a couple of eggs.

First, in a mixer, not a bread machine, cream butter and sugar.  Then add the normal amount of water, yeast,  salt and half the normal amount of flour.  Pitch in some eggs and the mixture should be like a thick batter.

Let raise and then add in the proper amount of flour to make a soft dough.  kneed and portion the dough for a loaf or rolls.

Brioche is a cool raise bread, so it should experience its final raise in a cool room, or the refrigerator (overnight).  Bring it to room temperature before baking in a 350F degree oven for ~20 minutes.  Remove from oven and apply an eggwash before returning to the oven until it's finished baking.

It's mindblowingly good.  And rightly so!  A traditional brioche is ~25% butter.