Generally I prefer a really dynamic whole grain bread, but if I eat "plain" white bread, baguette is my favourite! IMG_4335

The following video is actually how I learned. It is in French, but there are subtitles, and most importantly, he demonstrates the baguette making technique:

A few tips, in addition to the video:

  1. Plan on the process taking at least 5 hours.
  2. Place a baking tray in the oven while it's preheating.  When placing the dough in the oven, carefully pour at least 300ml (1 cup) of water in the tray to create steam.

Since the video covers all the ingredients and methods, I'll say a bit about the brilliance of the baguette. I'd say, that I'm most amused over the fact that this simple food is only composed of four ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast.

I'd also say that this is the essence of cuisine. Ask any culinary artist and they'd say: Many people can make a dish with dozens of ingredients and hide mistakes in the busyness of the flavour. But, these simple foods require technique and finesse. There is no hiding behind a facade of complication.