Happy 2014! Two years ago, jLAmode started as a two-year-commitment personal blog.  It quickly grew into an artistic endeavour.  It's a stout challenge to create something new every week, but it's been a very edifying process.  Recently, I found this quote by Saul Bass - an icon in the design world - and it defines the essence of jLAmode: "I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares."


The things we create are extensions of our soul.  This makes artists particularly vulnerable - we present, not our works for critique, but fragments of our souls.  This in mind, it's easy to expect everyone to notice, eagerly anticipate and, invariably, swoon over each new thing we make.

The reality is, everyone is busy making their own thing.  And often, since beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, the things we esteem so greatly attract little interest of others.   I think Saul Bass was well acquainted with this scenario; I think it inspired his statement.  For really, even if nobody cares about the beautiful things we create, it doesn't stop them from being beautiful things.

Happy New Year from jLAmode.

Make beautiful things.