Frosty Fall treats! IMG_9474

First, peel and dice a couple apples.  Add them to a skillet with a bit of coconut oil and saute until they have softened.  Set aside and let the apples cool.  Return the skillet to the heat and add a bit of non dairy milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, apple cider, cornstarch and a dash of salt.  Heat the mixture until thickened.  Sweeten with sugar and add chilled non-dairy milk and soy creamer.  Silk makes an excellent creamer.

All the mix to refrigerate until very chilled ~38˚F.  Then pour the liquid mix into an ice cream freezer.  When the ice cream begins to develop, add half the apples.  Just before the freezing process finishes, add the last half.  This keeps them from getting pulverized, allowing for some chunks of apple.

Serve garnished with fresh apple, mint and a stick of cinnamon.