IMG_6295 So, the sports are going to sport soon... apparently in a bowl.  I don't understand sports-games, but apparently the event requires snacks.  This recipe is straight from one of Byron Talbott's videos.  Watch it, and while you're there, Subscribe!

Byron also provides measurements... and I'm still trying to learn how those measury things work.

The basic steps are:

  • thinly slice the potatoes - I used a food processor
  • mix up that magic spice mix - smoky paprika, onion powder, garlic and salt
  • fry them - I used peanut oil
  • when they're starting to brown slightly, remove them and drain on kitchen roll.
  • season them right away
  • when they're cooled, dig in!

Experiment with the thickness of the potato slices.  Paper thin chips are like pointy clouds that shatter on your tongue whereas thicker chips have a sturdy, hearty crunch.