IMG_9466 The perfect thing for a weekend breakfast: Scones!  And, I have a recipe, for once: I made this using the biscuit ratio recipe: 1 part fat:3 parts flour:2 parts liquid. I used: unrefined coconut oil (100g), a mix of spelt flour & shredded coconut (300g), almond milk with a smidgen of blood-orange juice (200ml).  To complete the mix, add a bit of sugar (50g), salt (.5t), orange zest and baking powder (1T).

Be sure to cut the fat into the dry ingredients and then mix in the liquid - but, don't over mix!  Then, form the dough onto a parchment lined pan.  Or, they can be cut like traditional scones.

They're delicious on their own, but they're amazing with a marmalade syrup.  It's easy to make with equal portions of sugar, orange juice and zest.  Boil to ~225F for a thick syrup.