One of my favourite ways to have coffee is coldly brewed.  I first tried it at Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco.  It was enlightening.  I kept going back, emptying my pockets, for that fantastic candy-like slow brew coffee; begging the baristas, "Hey can I order a double cold brew?  Or, like, a litre of it?" I had to find out how to make this at home.  I shopped for weeks, but all the cold brewers for a couple hundred dollars.  Then I found what I was looking for.  The >>Bruer<<

It makes cold brew coffee easy and accessible.

I want to share my recipe for sweet, tasty, candy-like cold brewed coffee.

  1. Start with a high quality bean: something naturally processed and/or Ethiopian.  Other beans can work, but I prefer a light roast.
  2. It's perfect by itself, but I like to add a bit of citrus peel to boost the sweetness and add another dimension of flavour.  These are meyer lemons from my trees.
  3. I brew, almost exactly, according to the Bruer instructions: 50g-60g medium ground coffee.

I like to serve it by diluting it slightly and pouring it over ice.  Also, mixing in a 50:50 ratio of coffee:Perrier.  It's the taste of summer!