I found two delicious grape juices: pinot noir (unfermented) and scuppernong.  One's traditionally from France; the other from the Southern US.  They have very different flavours, but they both make outstanding preserves. IMG_2240

The first time I made jam, it was mediocre at best.  I was hesitant to try this, but Julia Child counsels cooks to proceed with a je-m'en-foutisme attitude.  It turns out making jam can be fairly easy!  Just follow the directions on the pack of pectin.

I like the low-sugar pectin recipe because it lets the natural flavour and sweetness take stage.  For my recipe it was, mix: pectin, sugar and juice.  Bring to a boil and stir until all sugar an pectin dissolves.  Then remove from heat and pour into jam jars.

* Important:  be sure to follow the directions on the pack of pectin.  This particular method is "refrigerator jam," meaning that it has a shorter product life and must remain refrigerated.  It looks and tastes the same, but it's not designed to sit on a shelf since the process may not have killed all the bacteria.  Cook safe and enjoy!

Remember!  Don't let the process intimidate you, proceed with the je-m'en-foutisme attitude!