Most people who know me consider me a scientist, or a technologist.  So, people are often surprised to find that I cook, design clothing and farm.

Science and Art, in spite of the contrast between the two, are fundamental friends.  Architecture, for example, relies on science for stability and art for aesthetic.

Art can originate from composing music; composing an image with paint, charcoal or clay; composing clothing from fabric, or gastronomic works from raw ingredients ... the list goes on.

So, I feel thusly about recipes.  They're like a paint by number - a metering of art.  For food is art, fashion as well, and construction, generally, regardless of medium, is art. Thereby, how does one artist say to another, "this is ugly" or "that is beautiful" as beauty is, clicheedly, in the eye of the beholder.  Recipes have a place for ensuring consistency and paint-by-number, despite its less-than-great-reputation, has its place as well.  Both allow an individual to reproduce an existing thing.

This is why I provide ingredient lists rather than recipes.  The list describes the art but lets the reader interpret and be inspired.