If you follow my blog (mom), you've noticed a few weeks without posts.  Part of this was traveling to Thailand, Guam, Hawaii and Japan; and San Francisco.  It was awesome, and I posted some of it to Instagram (scroll back a few weeks).I also started a new Instagram: @rambunctiouscoffee

Recently, however, I've been so very busy that there wasn't time to cook, much less, write.  And, even though Instagram and Twitter are easy, there's just no time to post - even less time to interact with you, the audience (mom).

Also, if you follow along on the instantgramz, you know I started teaching.  I'm thrilled; it's a dream come true!  All the same, curriculum development and class management are so time consuming.  And, my full time job takes priority over my blogging.

Then, I remembered this video by Jake Roper:

It's disappointing to run into your limits.  But, a full life results in discovering your limits.

For me, finding my limits means I still need to take care of the basics:

  • eat healthy food (not just cereal - Cracklin' Oat Bran is my weakness)
  • get sleep (not just live on coffee - I promised myself to limit intake to 2 litres of coffee per day)
  • stay connected (artists tend to push away people in favour of making art)
  • exercise (getting fat and lazy does not count as relaxation)
  • say 'no' when 'no' needs to be said (make priorities and keep them)

As much as I don't like to "be personal" on the blog, I want to share this part of my story.

Be well, friends!