I decided to take a look back on my first year as a blogger.  Generally it's been great!  It's a wonderful chance to cultivate creativity and to maintain inspiration.  I've also been more focused.  Rather than blog about everything I'm working on, or post all my interests to the interwebz, I've been able to put an emphasis on three things (food, fashion and garden). I also have stretched my knowledge and grown as I've posted.  I'd say I've expanded my culinary knowledge 30%.  I've been inspired by the support of my friends, family and other bloggers.

There have been challenging times.  It's not always easy to be inspired - art isn't something that's got an on/off switch.  I've also got a real grownup job which always takes priority, so there's not always leisure time for blogging.  There've been haters, too - random people who email me just to say how much they hate ... everything.

All the same, it's really been a good year:

  • A total of 141 posts (almost three times as many as I'd planned on)
  • Almost 100 food posts with more than 40 vegan recipes
  • More than 3,000 unique visitors
  • Viewers from New York, LA, Guam, Paris, Vienna, Zurich, London...
  • More than 20% of the hits are returning visitors
  • The most viewed post: http://jlamode.com/december-2012-gardening/
  • 6,000 photos taken for posts

Here's to another great year!