Enjoying the fruits of spring with sweet strawberries and fragrant peaches, served on warm einkorn shortcake. 

Einkorn is an ancient grain.  It's a unique, tasty four.  I whipped it into a buttery shortcake using a modified version of the biscuit ratio: 3:1:2 (flour:fat:liquid).  I used all-purpose and fresh-ground einkorn (300g) and mixed it with a vegan buttery spread (80g).  I used a "lite" version of the product which contained more water than fat, so it clumped when I cut them together.  Then I added in the almond milk (200ml) and mixed thoroughly.  Einkorn has less gluten than wheat, so it doesn't tend to get tough when it's mixed. 

I piped the thick batter with a large star tip into a few small springform pans, and baked it for ~20min at 400˚F.

While it's baking, I hacked up some strawberries and fragrant peaches.  Saving a few for garnish, I smashed up the rest with some agave syrup, vanilla and a whisper of ultra gel for thickness. 

When the shortcakes were golden brown, I removed and let them cool for a minute before cutting them in half. 

Spoon on the fruit and enjoy!