An amazing new coffeemaker: IMG_1217

The Bruer is the next iteration of cold brew coffee.  Its elegance is on par with the Chemex and Aeropress.  This glass, metal and silicon coffeemaker drips cold water through coffee grounds over the course of 10-20 hours (depending on how you like your coffee).  The resulting flavour is unbelievably smooth and sweet with layers of complexity.


There's an excellent how-to that covers several aspects of the coffee brewing process on the Bruer blog:


As I learned at Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco, cold brew is best served over ice.  But, on a chilly day, mixing equal parts cold brew and boiling water to your mug, won't disappoint.  It's still a sweet, mellow brew.

You can buy the Bruer here: Buy it, but it now! :)