I saw an episode on the Reserve Channel about making Tofu: http://youtu.be/08hPqd9sWzw IMG_3486

So easy, I thought!  And really it is easy, but rather time consuming.  Here are the steps:

  1. soak soybeans overnight
  2. drain, rinse, add more water and blend - they need to be a smooth mush
  3. add the slurry to boiling water and let it cook (I dunno, maybe 20 minutes)
  4. keep an eye on it!  (soy) milk doesn't boil, it boils-over!
  5. let it cool a bit and then strain through cheesecloth, keeping the milk
  6. the leftover soy mush can be used in veggie burgers

Now, here's how the most simple tofu is made:

  1. Pour the soy milk into a wide pan and set the heat to a low simmer
  2. after a few minutes, a skin will form on the top - that's the TOFU!
  3. carefully remove the skin, it's best to let it fold in half, making a semi-circle
  4. keep removing the skin as it forms, keeping the finished sheets covered with a damp cloth

This is tofu in its purest form - no thickeners or coagulants, just the soy.  It's best to use them right away, but they keep a few days in the fridge.

Check back soon to see how these (eerily-skin-like) tofu sheets become part of a delicious appetizer.