It's that time of year where the evenings can be cold or hot. So, why not have a soup that can be served cold or hot?! Vichyssoise is the perfect dish!This soup is kinda French and kinda American. There's a bit of undecidedness regarding the origin, so let's just call it French-American fusion. Regardless of the source, it's a delicious and smooth preparation made of leeks and potatoes.


Start by coarsely hacking up the white bit of leeks, and an equal portion of peeled potatoes. Add the leek, potato, along with a bit of olive oil and salt, to a large pot and gently sautée. Don't allow colour to develop on the veg - the soup should be a glistening creamy white.

Add enough water to cover the veg and just a bit more.  Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer.  Continue cooling until the potatoes are soft.  Then, transfer the mix to a blender and puree.  I like to use the Vitamix because it makes an ultra smooth soup.

For a hot dish, serve it up right away.  I garnished it with crushed pistachios and olive oil.  For the more traditional soup, refrigerate before serving.  The chilled one I garnished with celery leaves and green onion.