A tasty sweet scone that's vegan - and delicious!!! IMG_2224

I used the 3:1:2 ratio (spelt and almond flour:refined coconut oil:almond milk).

First add the spelt flour, salt, baking powder, a bit of coconut sugar and coconut oil in a food processor.  Blitz until the mix looks like bread crumbs.  Then add in the almond milk and a splash of vanilla.  Pulse in the food processor just until mixed - don't over mix.  Add in candied ginger and whole roasted almonds - incorporate them gently as you press the dough into a parchment lined baking tin.  Score with a knife or baking chopper/scraper (like this one OXO Scraper).

Bake at 400F for ~25 minutes or until golden brown.

While it's baking, I made a simple syrup and added finely julienned orange zest.  This made a wonderful syrup that I mixed with icing sugar for the drizzle as well as sweetened the zest.

While the scones are still warm, drizzle the tops with a mix of icing sugar and the orange simple syrup.