Starting the new year with a vegan and gluten free treat:  tofu waffles and sesame green beans. IMG_1914

First, set a large kettle to boil, adding a significant amount of salt.  This helps the beans cook properly.  Boil until they're al dente - they should have lost their coarseness, but not be mushy at all.  Then, plunge into ice water.

Half a block of extra-firm tofu and drizzle with olive oil.  Place in a hot waffle iron and slowly close the lid.  Watch out for steam!  Since tofu is very hydrated, there will be significantly more steam than when making regular waffles.

Also, don't add any flavourings - like garlic - which will likely burn before the tofu is done.  Shelf stable tofu, even if it's extra-firm, won't work for this recipe.

Drain the green beans and place in a hot skillet with sesame seed oil; stirring until the beans are comfortably warm.

Arrange the warmed beans atop the waffle and drizzle with a mix of ginger, tamari sauce and sesame oil.  Garnish with sesame seeds.